Beaver Float Plane WP Men's Jacket

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This jacket is amazing! It is what we consider waterproof (it does not have fully taped seams so it is technically water resistant).  We have left one out in the pouring rain at an event and the interior was dry!!! The interior is fuzzy and soft while the outside is a slick-ish material. It has a sturdy zipper and is a men's fit!

This jacket showcases the hand-drawn artwork of Felicity Jones from Homer, AK. Each design is packed with details! So much so, that you will find more and more small items as you look at the overall image in more detail. This jacket is also hand printed in Alaska, making it a great MADE IN ALASKA product!

The Beaver Float Plane Design is inspired by the vastness of Alaska and how many locations are only accessible by plane. The Beaver along with many other small planes are very well known and frequently used in AK. This design is great for the pilot, future pilot, or adventurer in your life!