Doodle Fireweed Kids Pullover Hoody

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This kid's hoody is a medium weight pullover hoody. The light pink is a great girly color to showcase our doodle fireweed. This style comes in a matching adult version (heavy weight).

This hoody showcases the hand-drawn artwork of Felicity Jones from Homer, AK. Each design is packed with details! So much so, that you will find more and more small items as you look at the overall image in more detail. This tee is also hand printed in Alaska, making it a great MADE IN ALASKA product!

The Doodle Fireweed is one of our most popular designs currently! It has a watercolor printing effect which makes each one truly unique. The fireweed is one of the first plants to thrive after a fire or other natural disaster and therefore is a symbol of re-birth, healing, and resilience. It is also beautiful and feminine!